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Serial No 14

Couple of work machines, another row on the other side of the tanks

Proper engines

Same machine only coupla Dash 8 engines

Interesting talking to the blokes who fly the big yella one's. The maximum load the turbine carries is 6,000 litres and the 215 piston was 5,000 litres. There are all sorts of armchair experts claiming we should have these over in Oz. At 30 MILLION!!!!!!!! each seems excessive. 802's carry 3,000 litres and at just on 2 million for a Fireboss on floats the sums don't seem to work for me.

Nice flicktures Cec.  Aren't those old crates part of Buffalo Airways setup?

Buffalo had or have one or two they lease out. last I heard they were in Europe.

(Him speaking): Hope you're well mate.

$30 Million each is excessive. While I will agree that yes they are a dedicated fire fighting machine (ie; not good or great for anything else) they are not worth 30 million each. In 1996 I was present at the demonstration in Sydney harbour and the figures being bandied around at that time were $6.75M each for the turboprop and $5.5M each for the radials. As you will be well aware Cec, it more about how much water you can put on a spot over a period of time as a function of transit and turn around times.

There is also the small issue of the float equipped 802's climb gradient with a full hopper - think getting out of a tight waterslide valley, or even a bush strip deep in a valley. They will not get anywhere near the 7% to 5000' at MTOW that the CL415 will get at temps up to 45 deg C, which means the 415 can slide and scoop, lift off, outclimb the terrain and turn towards the fire much faster that the smaller aircraft can. They will also operate in swell sizes (think salt water availability, especially North coast NSW) that would crush the 802 floats in an instant. The 802 will smack the 415's bottbott red raw in on-scene manouvreability though!

Sadly, Canadair have priced themselves out of the market, however I will always remember just how easy even the 215 was to have a pole about of. But hey, you do that stuff for a living, I don't.

I dips me lid to yerz...  :xyxthumbs:

Hiho Taily,
How goes the semi retired life of luxury of a pampered Airline pilot? As with most aircraft the 215/415 have a job they were built for and do it well. There are times when they could be used to advantage in OZ but as the latest price of 37 million per unit is a bit much.


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