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I have a friend that is willing to go public on what, where and how of chemtrails. As you'd expect he wants some garantee that his identity will be kept sectret till the full truth is out.
He has loaded aircraft with chemicals for over 30 years and wants people to know the full level of Government involvement.

Bravo Brad:
tha truth is out thar

There's a rumour going around about the whistle blower that not only has he loaded chemicals he's also sprayed them out as a pilot as well.

This is outrageous.  I actually heard that Student Pilot might be involved, last I heard he was still learning to taxi aircraft, perhaps his normally vacuous appearance, dress, language etc, might just be a cover up  :icon_mrgreen: Maybe he's just not that smart though.

SP, let me know if I can help, send me an email with a confirmation as to how much you have in your bank account first please.


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