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Greetings all. I have been committing aviation art for some years now. As an ex aviator,I find I can draw on my career for the technical detail. I guess it's a case of 'paint what you know and know what you paint'

All are acrylic on stretched canvas.

75cm x 100cm

40cm x 50cm

20cm x 25cm

30cm x 60cm

40cm x 50cm

Welcome to TAF and thanks for bringing your art along.  Great stuff.  You can upload pics to the gallery here: http://www.theaviationforum.com/gallery/

Ahhh, Aye Ess has joined. Welcome.  :2:

Hello Aurora,thanks for the welcome. It's been a while since I initially joined. Yes,AyeEss is my user name on another forum,and I guess you go under a different name as well,because I've never heard of Aurora. :2:

Yeah Aurora has a different Pseudonymn for that forum.


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