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VH-AGU East West DC3 Work in Progress

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Next WIP in the offing.  This will be part of my planned DC3s of Australia collection... I hope.  It has been quite difficult getting any references for this aircraft.  Of course I'm also having second thoughts about my chosen layout.  Time will tell.

Oil on canvas 45 x 60 cm.

Needs some colouring in boxhead. I'd get the original first so you can see what number paints and where to puddum.

I'd suggest using texta's, more colour and they taste pretty good as well.  :mwink:

Your signature indicates a possible disagreement with someone of the blue cloth.  Move on old boy.  :xyxthumbs:

hAagen dAS:
yoor a dump arze ciril.  yoo no its paent by nulmbereds dump arzwe


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